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Our use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work more efficiently, as well as to provide information about the visitor to the owners of the website.

The list below explains how our website uses cookies and why:

1. Google Analytics

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These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website, where visitors come from and the pages they visit.

We use reports of such information to analyse and improve our website.

2. NAE Virtual Learning Platform cookies

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These cookies may be set by our Virtual Learning System. They are not used by us for any purpose. These cookies are deleted when a user session timeout, user logout or a user closes their browser.

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Student Privacy Notice

This Student Privacy notice tells you what information we keep about Students, so that you are able to understand what will happen to your personal data, and what rights you have. If you are over 13 years old, you may have the right to make requests about your own data; for those under 13 your parents will make these decisions for you.


Who processes your information?

Nord Anglia Education owns a large group of schools in different countries. We need to keep information about our Students to make sure your school runs properly. We make sure that we a central Compliance Team who ensures that all this information about our Students is kept safe and available. You can contact this team by emailing


Why do we collect your data?

In order to run your school and provide education to each of the Students, we need to hold some information about each particular Student – and everyone’s information will be different.

We may receive this information from you, your parent/guardian, or in some cases, other people – such as your doctor or your previous school. This information about you will help the school remember important things about you, like what you can eat, how old you are, your progress and all the projects you have worked on.

We have already told your parents about how we use your personal information.  You can see an example of the document we gave to them here. We do our best to keep your personal information safe.  If it gets lost or stolen, we will tell your parents and help them to decide what to do.

The purposes of processing your personal data

The purpose and examples of pupil information that the school collects, holds and shares includes the following:

To offer you a place at the school

We needed to collect some information about you before we met you, so we could tell you apart from other children and check if you can join the school:

-        Your name, date of birth and your photograph so we can identify you and know you are safe.

-        Notes about our first meeting with you and your parents, so we could tell your teachers about you.

-        How you will get to and from school each day and your emergency contact details.


To manage your timetables

-        All the classes you take, your examination and assessment results, and all your teachers.

To understand your needs and help support you in your education and development

-        Any learning needs you might have, so that we can put in place teaching and support for you.

-        Your achievements, reports to your parents, and any tests you take, so that we can monitor your progress and change our teaching to help you better.

-        Information about your behaviour and attitudes in school, so that we can make sure you achieve your best, and that you and others are safe.

To keep you safe and treat you if you get sick

-        Information about your health in case you need medical support or an accident occurs, and we need to understand the right treatment – what to tell doctors about you and who we might need to call if you have a problem.

To manage extra-curricular activity, like sports and trips

-        Details of all the activities you do – these are important so we can write references for you to support university applications or so we can tell new schools about you if you leave the School.

To tell your parents how you are doing at school

-        We keep copies of all the reports and information we send to your parents, in case they ever need to check something out with us, or need information to send to a new school.

Who else might see the data we keep on you?

Sometimes, we need to share your information with the below people, we do so only for the limited purpose they need it for.

·       Your parent or guardian;

·       Other groups of people who work with us to run the school, for example nurses, doctors, the bus company, our caterers;

·       The people who mark your tests and examinations; and

·       Nord Anglia Education, who need to know which Students are in our schools so that they can contact parents or Students if necessary. This means that sometimes the people that we need to share the data with are in different countries (Nord Anglia Education is based in London, UK but we also have regional offices in the USA, UAE, Vietnam and China).


Our responsibilities and your rights

·       We don’t keep your information forever – only for as long as we need to;

·       Your personal information belongs to you – and we are only able to use it when we need to, to look after you at school and provide your education;

·       You and your parents are allowed to make decisions, in many cases, about what information we are able to use and how we use that information;

·       If we have got some of your information wrong, such as a spelling mistake or because something has changed, then you can let us know by contacting the school office;

·       If you would like us to stop using or remembering a piece of information about you, you can ask us to delete it, but we may not be able to. Sometimes, using your information is so important that we would not be able to do our job without it.  We will discuss this with your parents.


In some cases, we have asked your parents for permission to use information about your health, religious beliefs and where you or your family are from as well as your photograph (to help us identify you). If you are not happy about us using this type of information, please speak with your parents.  You can also speak to your teacher about what your information is used for or to understand more about why we are using it. 



If you are not happy with the way information about you is being used, you should first of all speak with your parents, and/or the school (your teacher, form tutor, Head of Year, or the Principal for example). If you are still unhappy, the school has a responsibility to tell you who to speak to next.