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Health and Wellbeing: Global Duathlon and Triathlon Competition

Have you ever wondered what it is like to take part in a Duathlon or Triathlon Event?  Do you want to find out?  Well, we have created a great opportunity for to do so!

Health and Wellbeing: Global Duathlon and Triathlon Masterclasses

Nord Anglia has some of the world's best PE Teachers.  Many of them have taken part in an endurance sport like a Duathlon or Triathlon and we want you to benefit from their skills and experience.

We are bringing to you a series of four Masterclasses, over the next 4 months, that will focus on:

Preparing for the Competition




Health and Wellbeing: Yoga

A series of yoga instruction videos from warm-up, breathing and meditation to balance postures and power yoga flow.

Health and Wellbeing: Weekly Workouts

How can you keep fit and healthy? Check out our weekly training videos to find out how.

Health and Wellbeing: Ready, steady cook!

Create a dish using the list of ingredients in each week's challenge.

Health and Wellbeing: Global Sports Competition

Your opportunity to represent your school in a series of sports competitions and compete against students from all over the world!

Health and Wellbeing: Mindfulness

Meditation is the practice of training your awareness and observing your thoughts and feelings. In this series, you will be introduced to simple meditation techniques suitable for different feelings or situations.