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Available courses

Elements Projects: Inequality

Do you know the meaning of inequality? Have you seen examples of inequality in history or around the world? In this project, you will learn the difference between equality and inequality, explore different concepts using a variety of methods, write your own stories and write a campaign that fights for change.

Elements Projects: Communication

Want to learn all about communication? In this interactive project, you will learn what communication is, why it is important, the different modes
of communication and what you can do to be an effective communicator.

Elements Projects: Life as a Refugee

What do you know about displaced persons, refugees, and asylum seekers around the globe? In this project, you will learn about life as a refugee and follow Alem's journey through the novel Refugee Boy, written by Benjamin Zephaniah.

Elements Projects: Travelling Abroad

Learn all about local culture, climate, food, and folktales. Get tips on what to pack, and create your own Tanzania trip guidebook!

Elements Projects: MasterChef of the Future

Explore the concept of food miles, reflect on your shopping choices, and become a MasterChef of the future!

Elements Projects: Businesses of the Future

Learn about different businesses, reflect on what rights are needed in the workplace, and develop your own plan for a new business!

Elements Projects: Under the Sea

Learn about the different creatures that can be found in the oceans and their habitats, before learning about how they, and their habitats are under threat.

Elements Projects: Schools of Tomorrow

Investigate issues of sustainability, examine how we can all develop a sustainable lifestyle, and design of your own school of tomorrow!

Elements Projects: Travelling in Time

This project looks at events of the past and asks you to find patterns that will help you to make predictions to inform a vision of the world to come.

Elements Projects: Bilingual Book Writers

Plan, design, create and publish your own bilingual children’s book that you can share with your family and peers!

Elements Projects: Stop Motion Animation

Inspired by The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, this project will show you how to design, create and produce your own short stop motion animation film.

Elements Projects: Education for All

Learn about what a disability is and explore how these disabilities make day to day life different. Then, apply what you've learned to design a school of your own that's inclusive to all and considers the ability of everyone.