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Whether you contributed last year or are visiting for the first time, the current affairs area is for students aged 16 and over. From news dominating world-wide headlines to more local issues on the ground where you live, this is a student-led space to discuss the topics that matter to you. Discussion topics are below - share your thoughts.

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Current Affairs: World Energy Crisis

Category: Current Affairs
Is the world running out of energy? Share your views in our latest current affairs discussion

Current Affairs: TikTok

Category: Current Affairs
Are influencers experts? If not, then why do we listen to what they have to say? Share your views on how to think critically about what we are viewing on social media.

Current Affairs: Online Shopping

Category: Current Affairs

What are the impacts of our global online shopping habits? Is the convenience of online shopping worth the waste that goes along with it? Check out these articles and join in on the discussion about how we can make choices that lessen that impact the impact of online shopping.