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Available courses

GC Junior Elements Projects: Exploring the Weather

Do you want to explore the different types of weather, learn how it is formed and the impact on the earth? In this project you will undertake an experiment, have discussions, read short stories and watch videos to gain a deeper understanding of something that impacts our life daily.

GC Junior Elements Projects: Being Nice to Yourself

Are you always nice to yourself? Do you know how to handle negative feelings? Follow this project to understand the importance of being kind and nice to yourself, and design your own action plan for it.

GC Junior Elements Projects: To the Moon

Read Oliver Jeffers’, ‘The Way Back Home’, and design a rocket to help reunite the two friends. But first, learn all about space, space exploration and gravity, as well as shapes, measurements and weight.

GC Junior Elements Projects: Traditions

What are traditions? Why do we have them? In this project, you'll learn about the importance of traditions, explore traditions from around the world, and gain more understanding of cultural diversity.

Junior Elements Projects: Toy Shop

Transform a simple cardboard box into a delightful, old-fashioned toy shop with shelves brimming with toys from 100 years ago. Once you have created your old-fashioned toy shop, share your work with friends, family and other students!

Junior Elements Projects: Reach for the Stars

Discover the meaning of prejudice & stereotypes and read through the book 'Mae Among the Stars'. Then, create a persuasive letter using different writing techniques and reflect on the art you created at the start of the course.

GC Junior Elements Projects: Growth

This course will explain a step-by-step process on how to draw buildings, plants and seeds. You will then be ready to learn how to create your own miniature growing city bursting with life!

GC Junior Elements Projects: From the Scene

Oh no - a natural disaster has hit a local town! How will you report on it? In this project, you will learn how present a news report as journalist, witness, and data analyst!

GC Junior Elements Projects: Pop-up Magic!

Are you a fan of wizarding-worlds? Would you like to make a spell-book that comes to life with pop-up images and spells? Then this is the project for you!

GC Junior Elements Projects: People Who Help Us

What do we know about jobs? How do people help us and what do they do? And what might jobs be like in the future?

GC Junior Elements Projects: Life in the Ocean

The sea creatures need your help to collect pollution in the ocean by designing, creating and decorating a super submarine. Can you help please?

GC Junior Elements Projects: Cupcake Creators

National Cupcake Day is coming on December 15th and Pete the Cat has lost his cupcakes! How will you help him?

GC Junior Elements Projects: The Colours of Us

Explore what it means to be different and teach others about the diverse community you live in!

GC Junior Elements Projects: Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Explore different heroes - in the community, in the world, throughout history - and learn how to draw your own hero!

GC Junior Elements Projects: Exploring Risk

Explore risks you come across in everyday life as well as risks in story books. Find out what you can do to manage those risks and stay safe!

GC Junior Elements Projects: Managing My Feelings

Explore feelings of happy, sad, angry and worried, and find out ways to manage these.