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Available courses

Senior Elements Projects: Keep it Cool

The weather is warm and sunny - how will you keep your ice cream cold? Learn about energy, heat and temperature, and then design a way to keep your ice cream from melting for as long as possible!

Senior Elements Projects: Forensics

Learn all about the history and techniques used in forensic science. Then, use this knowledge to investigate the terrible case of Mr. Plant's untimely demise! Can you solve the case?

Senior Elements Projects: Digital Expressionism

Explore the history of abstract art and find out how computer science can be used to produce abstract art.

Senior Elements Projects: Language & Power

What issues do you feel strongly about? How can you voice your opinion in a way that speaks to others?

Senior Elements Projects: Healthy Lifestyle Hacks

Develop healthy recipes and explore the use of mobile technology to promote healthy living!

Senior Elements Projects: Introduction to Programming

Learn about computational terms, how to think and solve problems like a software engineer, and create your own Scratch games!

Senior Elements Projects: My Place in the World

Examine the socioeconomic issues that the world is facing, explore how others contribute to their community, and create your own social impact promise!

Senior Elements Projects: Mutant Heroes - An Educational Graphic Novel

Use the science of mutations to create your own superhero and develop an 'educational' graphic novel that accurately explains the processes involved!

Senior Elements Projects: Creating a Gender Blind Community

Examine gender issues from a local and global perspective and the solutions that are being enacted to overcome them.

Senior Elements Projects:The Power of Less

Explore responsible food consumption and find out how small changes to your food habits can make a big difference.