Available courses

GC Junior: Paddington Does the Americas

This activity has been designed by NAE schools in the Americas, for other NAE schools in the Americas.

GC Junior: Junior Forest School

Each week a new leaf will fall off the tree with a new
activity to ‘catch’ on its way down to ground. Keep your eyes on the tree
canopy (the top of the tree)!

GC Junior: Mini Adventurers

Do you wonder what skills you would need to survive in the outdoors to get out of a tricky situation? Mini Adventurers are here to help!

Junior Curiosity Corner: Cooking Club

Do you love to cook? Or would you like to learn? Follow some
simple recipes to amaze your family and friends. Experiment with different
styles, foods and tastes.

Junior Curiosity Corner: Language Labs

Learn to speak the foundations of new languages. Can you greet your family and friends in another language?

Junior Curiosity Corner: Performing Arts

Have you got the moves? Are you the next Beethoven or Taylor
Swift? Learn new skills (or improve existing ones) to make you the star of the

Junior Curiosity Corner: STEAM

Did you know that water can walk? Or that the sun can make art? Learn how here with these fun activities to
challenge you.